Frauke Schlitz


Starting point of Frauke Schlitz’ art practice is questioning the phenomenon of the space that surrounds us, the space that we inhabit and navigate through. Her work is informed by travelling. So the works on display are referring to Frauke Schlitz’ experiences in Asian cities.  They are dealing with buildings and rooms that possess distinct features. Thereby the work reflects the “signs of space”. 

Through strategies like repeting, mirroring and shifting, those “signs of space” become palpable. The space in between is significant as it consists of a set of relations that delineates positions and makes the lines click into place. Therefore nets, grids and interwoven structures have been crucial motives in her work for a long time.

The geometric reduction provides a kind of grammatical framework that creates different levels of meaning in the (image-)space. Frauke Schlitz is using a flexible way to move through drawing: from paper to wall to ceiling to maneuverable boards and sculpture. 

No matter through which approach, she always focuses on the poetical qualities of space beyond pure physicality. Tectonics, rhythm, equilibrium, continuity and disruption become metaphors pointing to both the inner and the outside world. 

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