Ke Li



„Ke Li (born 1987 in NanJing, China) is working with natural elements, especially plants, transforming them into poetic creatures is her main pursue.

Ke Li studied at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf Germany, in the class of the artist Prof. Marcel Odenbach. Ke Li is fascinated by the beauty of the nature and puts her focus on the extreme details of leaves, seeds, blossoms and everything that is related to the plant, that are touching her almost physically. She made these elements into her own language that is rich in imagination and full of poesy. So the artist started collecting those flowers and prepared them lovingly for the artistic purpose. Her art works convey the essence of that if one walks through the world with the eyes and senses wide open, you will find every component is telling you its own story and becomes a door leading you to something brand new.

Ke Li is developing videos and sculptures, both dealing with transcendency of time and poetry lines behind the everyday life. Out of different parts of plants she creates new figures, showing us a transformation from floral pieces to statuettes of animals. In the process of her work she transforms the leaves and seeds into figures of literature, such as the ancient Chinese ‚The Classic Mountains and Seas‘  that told stories about animals turning into magic creatures. The key figures are transforming into something surreal, a yearningly desire to discover the world from another perspective.

For example,Ying Yu are creatures from the novel, that Li is showing as a family separated into different spheres. The animals are depicted in a transparent space getting vitality through the spotted light. Ke Li is casting the fragile nature elements into polyester resin, giving them a floating character in a defined space. This unique method of developing sculpture can be perceived from different angles. The distance view shows the whole family by the book interacting with each other. The closer look is turning the figures into life. Ke Li is displaying a frozen screenshot, where the viewer can discover details of the creatures in an invisible space with bubbles and natural images. Ke Li is not manifesting the exact meaning of the creatures, so everyone can discover and perceive his own stories and ideas. New developed figures, waiting to tell a new story.

Plants transformed into poetic animals in a timeless space. A fragile and subtle perspective of sculpture rooted into Chinese literature.“ Wilko Austermann


Geburtsort: Nanjing, Jiangsu, China


09.2004-09.2008 | Communication University of China, Abschluss: Bachelor, Bachelorarbeit:<the letter from time> 30′
12.2008-09.2009 | Deutsch-Sprachkurs in Nanjing University
04.2010-03.2011 | Deutsch-Sprachkurs in Stuttgart University
08.2011-3.2018 | Düsseldorf Kunstakademie Prof. Marcel Odenbach (video and film)


08.2005-09.2005 | Jiangsu Province TV Station
08.2006-09.2006 | Jiangsu Province TV Station
02.2008-01.2009 | Jiangsu Province TV Station
08.2015-09.2015 | XuBing-Studio in Beijing
07.2016-09.2016 | Houlang Verlag in Beijing


Chinesisch (mother tongue) | German (DSH1) | English ( CET-4 ) | Japanese (A2)


2018《Insel》| installation | new talents-biennial cologne| Köln
2018 《wasserstein》| installation | artbrothers Gallery|niederlande
2018《Insekt》| installation|Jutta Kabuth Gallery|Gelsenkirchen
2017 《Insekt》|langdao design Academy |Beijing
2017《Qualle》|videoinstallation|Galerie Clowns & Pferde|Essen
2017 《Wasser》| installation | Universität Bonn
2017《yingyu》| installation | Antichambre hotel friends| Düsseldorf
2017《Insel》| installation | Kunstverein Krefeld
2017《Berg und Meer》| installation | MMMIII Kunstverein Mönchengladbach
2016 《BILD – FORM – KÖRPER | Neue und arrivierte Positionen Konkreter Kunst«|Installation| Gelsenkirchen
2015 《Drop》|video installation| Meer Gallery| Düsseldorf
2015 《ShanHaiJing-YingYu》|video installation| Rundgang von Kunstakademie, Düsseldorf| Düsseldorf
2014 《Tunisia’s sea》| video |Rundgang von Kunstakademie Düsseldorf |Düsseldorf
2013 《Everyone handed it out》| video installation|Rundgang von Kunstakademie, Düsseldorf| Düsseldorf
2013 《Red Tree》| video installation|Herz Jesu Kirche Wuppertal| Wuppertal
2012 《Tadpole》| video installation| Philara kunstraum| Düsseldorf
2011 《Disappear》| video |Rundgang von Kunstakademie Düsseldorf | Düsseldorf
2010 《Supporting Actors》| documentary film| Shanxi Opera Theatre| Shanxi
2009 《She and her cat》|Video| Ludwigsburg Film Akademie| Stuttgart
2008 《The letter from time》|film| Beijing
2007 《Shanxi Image》|photo| Nanjing
2006 《Coversart》| installation | Nanjing